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The Barakel Foundation, Inc.  is a  not-for-profit 501(c)(3) USA corporation (NGO) organized exclusively for charitable, religious, and educational purposes.

Our Mission Statement

The specific purposes of The Barakel Foundation and their support ministries are for the sole purpose of furthering the Missions of Christ; and to present an offer of spiritual assistance through the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people with spiritual needs; and to endeavor to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Barakel will endeavor to support evangelical efforts through Construction Services,  Medical,  Aviation Support Services and other missionary endeavors within the United States and DEVELOPING WORLD COUNTRIES.

Kenneth R. Krantz
Founder & CEO 

About Us


       Barakel is a non-denominational oriented Non Government Organization (NGO) that endeavors to support evangelical efforts through Disaster Construction Rebuilding Services, Medical, Aviation Services and other missionary activities. This is a collaborative effort between private citizens, other NGO's, interfaith communities, government entities and businesses.   Barakel has in affect a "Conflict of Interest Policy" and has adapted a Position Statement on Sphere.  [Sphere is one of the most widely known and internationally recognized sets of common principles and universal minimum standards in life-saving areas of humanitarian response.]



Disaster Relief within United States & Developing World Countries

Barakel begins their evaluation assessments of disasters usually after the first line Government agencies and local/major international (NGO) organizations complete recovery and stabilize medical, food assistance and security if required.  Our focus is engineering assessments and transiting from temporary tent and trailer shelter to permanent structure construction.  Barakel can also furnish SafeAffordable Housing that eliminates the need of basic disaster shelter (tents and trailers) and intermediate shelter buildings.  SafeAffordable Housing is flexible permanent construction that can be disassembled and reassembled at different locations if required.

Development & Building of "Homes by Community"

Barakel works through existing Non Governmental Organization's (NGO's), both qualified and non-qualified 501 (c) (3), by helping to build  ENERGY EFFICIENT & SUSTAINABLE SafeAffordable housing within their communities. 

Development & Building of (Specialty Housing)

Barakel has joint ventured with Safewall/SafeDEK Companies to replace FEMA Trailers with Energy Efficient and Hurricane Resistant Removable shelter housing using a "Lend Lease Program"  that is expected to save taxpayers millions of Dollars.  Other Joint Venture projects include Removable "MEDSUITES" built on caregivers property using an assistance program that networks patient care with local hospitals and other agencies with SMART TECHNOLOGIES.  


Barakel networks together with different churches, not-for-profit organizations and others to implement mission endeavors as a National Sponsor.  Many US and International groups want to be a part of mission work but, have limited knowledge or understanding on project development, construction, shipping of goods, and providing safety of church groups going abroad etc.  Many individuals, group and church organizations want to know that what is given is being used in a responsible manner.  Many projects can be developed and implemented over a long time periods (3yrs-5yrs or even 10 years as an ongoing mission. 



Barakel was founded in 1999 by Ken Krantz in Jacksonville, Florida.  With a heart for mission work, Ken became involved in prison ministries within Florida and Jamaica followed by work in Thailand and the Philippines focusing on importing aircraft for mission work.

Ken grew up working in the contracting business and moved to Florida from Michigan in 1983.  In 1984 Krantz became a State Certified Building Contractor and founded the Kenneth R. Krantz Company, Inc. completing several commercial / industrial concrete and general construction projects in Northeast and Central Florida.


In 2003 Ken founded Safewall of Florida, LLC in North East Florida specializing in building custom concrete housing systems. He also began building SafeAffordable Replacement Housing in North West Florida after Hurricane Ivan.

Ken has developed an innovative Proprietary system called SafeDEK.   Safewall & SafeDEK are assemblies that are interrogated with structural building components systems in the building construction industry.  

This innovative building assembly system addresses not only adverse weather conditions, but real energy efficiencies facing all of us in the years to come.  The system eliminates the need of basic disaster shelter (tents and trailers) and intermediate shelter buildings.  The Safewall/SafeDEK SYSTEM is flexible permanent construction that can be disassembled and reassembled at different locations if required.

The system eliminates the need of basic disaster shelter (tents and trailers) and intermediate shelter buildings.  The Safewall/SafeDEK SYSTEM is flexible permanent construction that can be disassembled and reassembled at different locations if required.

Pre-History in the naming and development of the Barakel Foundation

All three Krantz brothers worked in the construction business starting as mason and concrete contractors in Bay City, Michigan early in their lives.
(Photo 2006)  Ken Krantz (Left) Joe Krantz (Center) James (Jim) Krantz (Right)

Joe “our big brother” taught us the building trades well.  Joe’s favorite saying was “Every block we lay we try to make a friend.”  Brother James favorite saying was “If we do all of our work when we are resting .......then....we will never get tired.”  Brother Ken’s favorite saying, was “Two more weeks.......I am working on it.”  All three brothers (and their wives) remained close through their married lives.  "We all socialized, played and traveled together for over forty years." [Ken Krantz]  All three brothers, because of their independence and entrepreneurship, went in different directions into the business world.

Ken and James (Jim) Krantz both became new Christians in their early thirties and continually visited a Christian retreat center called Camp Barakel, which is located outside of Fairview, Michigan.   Both brothers volunteered their time and building expertise services working on camp projects.     “Our experiences at Camp Barakel have changed us forever” [Ken Krantz]

Brother James moved to Orlando, Florida in 1980 and developed a successful General Contracting business.  James spent many years loving the Lord and working on missionary "building projects" throughout Africa and China.  Brother James' life ended tragically in 2007.  James loved life as a giver and a servant.

Brother Ken moved to Orange Park, Florida in 1983.  Ken became a Florida Certified Building Contractor in 1984 and started a successful construction business specializing in Commercial structural concrete construction and commercial building.  Ken continues an involvement in various construction rated businesses within the US.

Brother Joe developed several businesses in Michigan including one of the most successful #6 oil distribution companies within the State of Michigan.  It took many years of “seed planting” by Brother James and in 2006 Brother Joe made a personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ and now his future is secured throughout eternity.  Joe has been a major philanthropist within his community of Bay City and helped in funding of Barakel’s initial development.  Brother Joe’s life ended in May 2012 due to a lengthily illness. 

In 1999, Ken wanted to volunteer his time to fly airplanes for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).   Even thought Ken was an instrument rated pilot, they (MAF) required an additional certification as an A&P Mechanic (able to fix the plane that he would be flying).  The encouragement of both Brother Joe and James and the rejection of not being able to fly airplanes for mission work....... Ken was inspired to form The Barakel Foundation.


Message from Ken Krantz

 Founder & CEO of Barakel Foundation


Text Box: Ken KrantzMy doctors, family and medical friends advised me not to leave the country for at least one year.  Not heeding their advise …..or you may call it….having  “Selective Hearing”….. I left with a good antibotic and departed out of Jacksonville, FL on April 9th, 2010.   As American flight 803 departed Maimi International for Port Au Prince, Haiti for the short 1-1/2 hour flight, I was thinking about the possibility of making a decision that would affect the rest of my life.  My trip was a fact finding mission to try and make a decision to move an operation of our 12 year old Barakel Foundation (NGO) into Haiti or some other developing country to help with  construction projects, medical and aviation.


Seven weeks eariler I finished my last of 39 Proton Radition treatments for Prostate Cancer.  After being diagnosed in the fall of 2009, my urologist stated that the decision to what type of treatment to undergo was mine to make….not my doctors, friends…or family.  I was advised to research the various types of available treatments and make a decision that would give me the best quality of life over the next fifteen years and not for the short term.  My decision was Proton Radition Therapy which involved 2-3 months of 5 days a week treatment which meant traveling to 1 of the 5 centers located within the United States. 


The first Proton facility in the country was LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER  in California followed by The University of Texas MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER which is considered one of the best cancer centers in the Country.  To my surprise….the best and most advanced Proton center in the World was opened in the fall of 2006.  The UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA PROTON THERAPY INSTITIUE located in my home town of Jacksonville, Florida.  My treatment has had no adverse side affects and no long range problems are anticipated.   I am now “Cancer Free”..…..Praise the Lord.


I share the above personal story because the decision to establish,  not only our Foundation into some other developing country over the next few years but, also the possibility of many assets of our construction business, is personal and also is a serious commitment.  A decision that will affect the rest on my life and the lives of my family.   My wife of 50 years, our children,  most of our 8 teenage grandchildren and close associates  are cautiously in favor of making the commitment of moving forward.   Spreading the Gospel and saving lives is what life is all about.


 Whoever destroys a single life is as guilty as though he had destroyed the entire world; and whoever rescues a single life earns as much merit as though he had rescued the entire world.

 --The Talmud, Mishna

“I believe that the Lord is directing me to go forward.  My final decision may not be Haiti but may well be the Philippines in Southeast Asia.  Many well-intended people ask me ….well where are you going to get the millions of dollars it is going to take to get the job done?    My response to them is…. “It’s my job to go forward and start the work with the talents I have..…..It’s God’s problem to come up with the money…After all He is God and owns it all anyway.”   Ken Krantz